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About WisSoft
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CAPA - What it is and its features

CAPA is a simulation program which has been designed and developed to meet the specific needs arising in the numerical solution of electromechanical coupled field problems.
Modules for all kinds of electro-mechanic-acoustic interactions are available and mutual couplings can be considered very easily. Dedicated and state-of-the-art solvers bring the power of supercomputing to your desktop.
Typical fields of applications include medical ultrasound, flowmeters, sensors and actuators, automotive industry, machine noise and ultrasonic cleaning, to mention only a few of them.


CAPA 4.2 coming soon

WisSoft presents a new release of its Finite-Element / Boundary-Element-Software CAPA. Release 4.2 will be available mid 2005. New features include improved material and damping capabilities for harmonic analysis and a completly new eigenvalue solver, which also allows the solution of coupled problems, like fluid-solid-interfaces and magneto-mechanics.

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